By Nick • • 9 Mar 2011

I’m a guy from New Zealand living in the city of Zurich in Switzerland, together with my French/Swiss wife-to-be. I’ve spent the last 7 years working on a range of power technologies and energy systems for The Man, and am now branching out to split my time between a position as a staff researcher at a swiss university (FHNW) developing new energy generation and management technologies, and a position as a wannabe entrepreneur in similar and related fields – currently focussed on energy storage with Ampard.

I love the world, especially beautiful parts of it well suited to climbing up and biking down – I’m starting this blog in an effort to pull together my thoughts on energy systems, and hopefully contribute a little to finding a way up and away from our current short-term destructive solutions to problems of resource adequacy. I’ll probably end up using it for other stuff as well as the mood takes me

As for Dojomouse: Dojomouse is a character from the Neal Stephenson book ‘The Diamond Age’. To be perfectly accurate his name is just ‘Dojo’, and he is actually the mouse-avatar for some teaching software in a smart book. Through him the protagonist (a young girl named Nell) learns humility, kindness, courage, and discipline… as well as how to be a badass when the situation warrants. I aspire to be like him… except not a virtualised mouse who lives in a cave.


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  1. Great comments to Swift guy! It’s always interesting to see tech guys enter the field seeking next mobility solutions / systems and don’t realize how many people are actually working on it. Like trying to eat an elephant – big job.

  2. bradnapiermd@gmail.com

    Hi Nick,

    My name is Brad NaPier. I am a surgeon and an EV enthusiast who lives in Honolulu. I have enjoyed your articles regarding EV batteries and I wonder if your have reviewed the article I have attached below. If the attached article is true the tipping point of EVs versus the ICE may be close at hand. I would be interested in your review of this article.


    Brad NaPier


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