By Nick • Lifestyle • 23 Jun 2011
The thinking seat

Why why why why why.... did I come back home from this.

This blog is going to be an example of how small things can gradually grow to become big things. It’s also going to show how ‘that which is measured, is done’. It’s probably also going to embody many other cliches. Hopefully in time the content speaks for itself and this opener is superfluous.

Mostly it’s a semi-public place for organising my thoughts… with the idea that if their organisation and expression is semi-public then I might be slightly more inclined to pay heed to refining them with some sort of purpose. I’ve never enjoyed writing ‘journals’ as such, it felt too much like talking in a vacuum. Maybe that means I’m a shameless egotist? I’d rather assume it means I value feedback :-)

A lot of my thinking lately has been about energy systems and sustainable living. This is a pretty hot topic for the world, and looks set to be so for the next 50 years at least, so this could be a long project. This is also a timely start, as in two weeks I finish up round one of my life in the corporate world and start round 1.x of trying to build something in a slightly less stable but simultaneously more dynamic environment. This is also something I haven’t quite worked out all the details of yet (neither goals nor process) so will be worth some musing. These musings are going to be dynamic as well. Maybe. I’ve got this theory that by publishing and then gradually refining various theories I’ll eventually end up with something of quality.

So, starting with a vague premise. Clarity and poise will come. Evolution is good like that.


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